Platform 11

Electricity flashes. 30 minutes listening to aimless muttering of estranged people. Waiting to board but never really knowing where they’re going. Waiting to board a train. Patchy concrete filled with gum and spit, barring yellow lines. Trapped within the imaginary bounds of safety. When all you really want ┬áis too jump to freedom.

So much can be seen from watching people. You see their eyes, their stance, their gormless expressions. You see faces lit by mind numbing distraction. People today are too afraid to face the deep reality. To try and find the real truth about life.

Maybe I am too afraid to find out.

Staggering around in self absorbed desire. Afraid of wasting the few moments I have before my memory fades from the earth. Seven billion of us, unique, perfect people will fade into a faint memory. Lost to the next. We are a forward moving generation.

What truly is our purpose here? That word flashes continuously through my thoughts, 24/7, I lay awake clutching at sweet slumber. I can’t stop asking questions. I fear the unknown. More than I can bare. And I ask myself how! How? How people climb aboard a train never knowing truly where they are heading.

Sometime I like to get lost. Not in my thought or in lone day dreams but in nature. I find nature soothes all. Why? Nature is primal. Opposite to the freaking trains. Animals so limbic in desire and purpose. People have become so content, so boring, we don’t even think about survival. That now we just pay games, we ruin almost everything in our feeble attempt at happiness.

Now I am staring. Disdainfully eyeballing as I vicariously question silent strangers. Cynics, sarcastic paranoid. Scared while friendliness slips from our grasp and the world get slightly lonelier. As people forget what truly being happy means, what truly being human means.

How can we be happy when that exact concept has fallen into the unknown. A facade of false truth + chemical concoction . Tricked by mass media without even knowing.


Watching trains scares me. Truly. But watching people truly haunts me. Shattered innocence and broken people. A broken me. Just waiting for a train. Totally lost. And searching doesn’t help, avoidance doesn’t work.

Aboard my 23:52 train i’m going to climb. Because I know my destination. I know my end result. But my purpose, what I truly want stalks me through the night. Cruelly following me until one day it ends.

*This is a work of fiction*


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