Purpose v Preference

I’ve been forced to think. Got to love a father son chat hey…

Purpose v Preference, do I do what I do because I am purposed for something or because I prefer to do something. It’s a tough call. Is it because I believe in a bigger dream or a more important reason. Or is it because I prefer it a certain way, prefer to do things my own way or in a way I like.

I think this is an important question to ask ourselves and that I am definitely asking myself right now. What is my purpose?
Now in everything I do am I purposing myself towards it, or just doing what I do because I prefer too?

But Tom, How do I know what my purpose is? Fantastic question…

There was a film I can’t remember what it was… and the guy was like, ‘What is your one passion? Something that drives you.’ And the girl was like ‘I want to stop world hunger’ (of course such a angelic response) and then he said… ‘well from this moment on, let every decision, every action, be in favour of that. Let that drive you.’
In this case ending world hunger became her purpose.

We’ve got to figure it out. And it may take sometime, it may take a few experiments but we have to be more purpose driven rather than preference driven. I do especially.

Here are 3 ideas on what could help us both,

Firstly write it down, write down your goals, ambitions and write down your purpose or passion.
I’ve written my down, I want to love people, I want to create a change, I want to be an author.
Now make sure it is visible stick it on your wall, or your fridge, on the toilet door or whatever! But every time you see it you are reminded what you are doing here. It’s easy to get lost in the humdrum of life and forget what we are really here to do and what we really want.
Short term v long term thinking right there!

Secondly when making decisions ask yourself if it aligns with your purpose. Is getting a Netflix subscription going to help me finish my project? Is my diet going to benefit by eating that McDonalds? Is this relationship going to really make me happy? Your goals and purpose don’t have to be a big thing, its the little goals that all add to the big goal. And in realising your purpose.

Finally lets be productive in our purpose. I find it is so easy to just procrastinate my days away, with my thoughts and ideas sadly lingering in my head and never coming to fruition. Lets make goals and stick to them, lets have dreams and actually make the happen. The best way, is by creating little goals and getting them done. *Drink an extra glass of water a day. *Me doing this blog is helping me practise writing.

I reckon if we all had a go at figuring out our purpose the reason we are here on this earth. I have a pretty strong suspicion a lot more positive change could happen.
And a lot of people would be happier because they actually have purpose to their life.

We can be that change.


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