The land of Far Far Away

Another Christmas has come and gone. Tradition has been bathed with the love of friends, family, food and a little alcohol. A time to gather with those that mean most to you, celebrating relationship, the past year and the new.

However last year I was celebrating with the most important people in my life at that time. I traded tradition for adventure, moving to Australia for a year. My usual Christmas suspended for a 40 degree, friend filled party.

It is crazy how much life can change in a year. People who meant the world to me a year ago, today have faded into perfect memories. While I celebrate with the people who populate my immediate world.

It blows my mind how we let people fade into The Land of Far Far Away.┬áPeople who no matter how much they mean to you, whether they are family, friends or lovers, if they aren’t in our immediate they disappear to the back of our mind.

People I thought would be in my life forever, in a matter of months had almost dropped from every day communication to maybe one a month texts. And gradually the relationships I had with people were replaced with the new people I met.

It saddens me seeing how fickle we are as people, loyalty in the immediate. However when people move we switch to an out of sight out of mind mindset. Always replacing unique individual people with all the memories, feelings and thoughts shared with someone new because to be honest; we can’t be bothered.

We live in the immediate but y’know maybe there is someone who meant the world to you once, and in the blitz of life connection was lost. Don’t forget them just because it’s slightly more effort to make contact.

I would still do anything for my people in Australia. Whether they would for me I’m unsure but its important to remember the people who have added to you in life.

*Ahaha I got all this because my girlfriend is like 7 hours away and I can’t cope. #whipped


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