Forever Ago

Love. The golden snitch; a concept that over the years has meant so many different things. We are all in need of love. But have we had a look at how our dating culture is going? If we take a real hard look, it seems love has faded into a fairy tale, story book idea. When compared to our emotionless, game of tinder dating forces us to live in a fantasy.

It scares me, that when I like a girl I feel I have to not show it. I live in fear of fancying someone, of falling for someone, for loving someone. Because it has all became a diseased process of hooking up. We are afraid of dating, afraid of showing someone we care, in complete paranoia of it all crumbling.

Do you ever watch those movies set in the 1920’s where the guy will see a girl, they will catch a glance of each other eyes, and you can tell that they are going to fall in love. The tense eye contact, the blushing smiles, the magical atmosphere as your heart buzzes and your stomach floats in a head rush of perfect endings and unforgettable moments.
The guy then approaches the girl, she doesn’t immediately insult him for being forward, but looks at him, as he tells her how beautiful she is. He asks her out on a date, and they set a time.
A day or two pass as pure excitement builds. You can’t stop thinking about them for a moment. You have studied the memory of their face until the golden orange sun drips through the window at 5:45am.
The date arrives, they’ve put in 110% more effort getting ready, perfecting their hair, brushing their teeth. They’re so nervous as if 100 espresso shots have been injected directly into their veins.
He sits in anxious anticipation, checking the door every 3 seconds. Then the girl arrives, turning every head as her hair falls perfectly around her face and her smile illuminates the room.
I don’t have to tell you the rest

We have lost the magic of love. I think my generation has lost the whole concept of love. Of what it means to date someone, to care about someone. We are now just growing up in a sexually stimulated dating game full of lust, distrust and disloyalty. And truly it saddens me.

It’s heart wrenching seeing my friends get hurt. It’s soul destroying seeing people drink themselves crazy just because the loneliness they feel is too much too deal with. Everyone can relate to feeling lonely. Because the physical task of finding a truly soul satisfying relationship is becoming harder and harder.

Luckily for me, I am a true romantic. I haven’t forgotten how to love. I haven’t forgotten how a girl should be treated. I haven’t lost the concept of romance, the thrill of being totally lost in someones eyes. The exhilaration of the kiss. I haven’t ignored the hard bits. (Because trust me loving someone isn’t easy.)

We need to change the game. Because honestly the way its turning out I’m scared for our generation. A generation that won’t really know how to love. That are becoming so damaged searching for a concept that has been thrown away and replaced with a sick game. Everyone needs a relationship that they can pour themselves into, a person that they can be truly themselves with, a mutual understanding, a true best friend. Someone to share their life with.

Lets remember how to love someone as if losing them would be the physically worst thing that could happen.

Lets bring back love.

There is only one happiness in this life. To love and to be loved. – George Sand


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