The Board Game Revolution

Christmas time. The one time of the year we climb up into the attic or force our way into the games cupboard and pull out our sorry collection of board games. Monopoly as king of Christmas board games, of course always comes out first.

It makes me sad knowing that the board game industry is failing. My fairy tale image of families all over the world sat around the table laughing and crying as they battle out the Monopoly board. The concept of quality family time becoming rarer as people sit on their phones and the concept of family breaks down.

I’m going to give you 3 reasons why board games should be played more often.

1 – Playing board games develops Relationship.

Playing Board games is honestly one of the best methods for developing relationship. Do you know one of the magical properties they possess? They force you to interact with other people. Y’know people are claiming conversation is dead. I dare them to play a quality board game and fail to talk to people. They conjure competition, lure laughter and enable blissful boasting. Board game are THE perfect way to develop and build relationship.

2 –   Board games are FUN!

Me and my family love a good board game. Every time we play it is just so funny. We have brutal banter, we have casual cheating, we scream and shout at each other but we have the best time. We play so many different games because it is just so much fun to beat them. Sitting and playing Fifa alone and screaming at the TV is ‘great‘. But having a game of Sequence or Frustration is just so much better. Board games are the unequivocal winner of family fun.

3 – They’re EASY! 

Okay admittedly board games aren’t cheap, however once you’ve bought one you have almost endless use out of it. None of those In-App purchases. No extra expansion packs. You can play it whenever you want, as long as you have a few people and a bit of time. It’s always multiplayer, it doesn’t involve scrolling through other people playing board games and having fun. It is just pure easy fun.

I want to bring back a board game revolution. Lets stop this social deficiency. Lets put phones down and interact with our families. Invite your friends over for drink and a Monopoly tournament and amongst losing all those friends I would guarantee that you will have a night to remember.

Lets recreate my fairy tale. Lets bring back board games.



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