So as part of achieving my dream and developing my creative passion; me and my brother decided to create a film company. This will be an awesome outlet for us where we can both delve into our creative passion and develop them. We are calling it Escapturearth – Escape – Capture – Earth! We want to escape from reality and capture the wonders of our planet!

A little about us – I am currently studying Theatre and Performance with Creative Writing at the University of Surrey. I love creating and writing story lines. Developing new worlds and imaginative characters. Getting to put whats in my mind into a real space and seeing it come to life is incredible. I love getting to work with other people ( I swear I’m the biggest extrovert) so taking on a directing and producing role really suits me.

My brother currently studies Film and Media at the Brit School he is literarily a creative genius when it comes to filming and editing. He creates all the media for our church, and is developing music videos for his friends. He see’s the world in a different way and it reflects in his films. I love watching his assortment of random film clips transform into a magical piece of film that reflects him, his values and the incredible life we get to live.

We both have a passion for travelling, and we both want to create travel videos that showcase our incredible planet, all the different cultures and landscapes. We want to inspire people to be adventurous and explore. To think bigger about our lives instead of getting stuck in the humdrum of monotonous routine. We want people to have fun and get the most out of the life they have even if its just a lil bit of adventure here or there.

We are lucky enough to know some really awesome music ¬†producers that are just getting started releasing their music. So we are working together with them to create some awesome music videos. This is an excellent opportunity for us, we get to work with incredible musicians and create fantastic videos that compliment their music. It’s a good chance to showcase what we can do as well as provide the artists with something they would have had to pay for.

Setting this all up is a bit crazy we are only 21 and 16. We don’t really know a whole lot about the process so this is a really cool learning experience for us. Setting up our own idea, working with clients, creating incredible films. We are going to just offer film services out so we can start building a portfolio of things we’ve done.

I think that having a little venture on the side of our main focus is really important. It is an opportunity to follow our dreams, to challenge ourselves and ultimately have fun doing something we love. It’s a risk to put yourself out there but it may well be a risk that pays off!

I don’t really have any purpose to writing this! I’m just really excited about the opportunities that will present and I believe making small steps too seeing your dreams come to life is always a step in the right direction. They won’t happen by sitting still.

Anyway, if anyone’s interested – we will be officially launching soon!

But here’s a link to our Youtube –¬†Escapturearth

Photo credit – Life of Pix –¬†Life of Pix


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