Time For Change

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
Barack Obama

Today I started researching how to start my own political party. I see this world, I see my country truly for what it is. A broken society struggling to survive. Sitting and talking with my girlfriend, discussing our future, talking about these ideas. Ideas that could change the world. Of course honestly can’t claim to know the realities I can only dream of a better future.

We talked until early into the morning about everything.

We talked about Brexit, and the wave of change that will bring for our country. For us as young people, that if we were in charge we would scrap it. We would negotiate better ways around rather than just leaving. Many of the issues we have are internal rather than external – immigration facts have been diluted into untrue fact. I can’t say I know about business legislation and EU taxation. But being a part of the EU in my opinion is far more beneficial to the future of this country than trying to go it alone.

We talked about trying to change the social culture of our country. People are miserable. People are broken. People are lost. Young people struggling to get a footing in life, people having to work ridiculous hours to have any chance of affording anything, a society that is too busy and afraid to have a conversation with each other on the train. This needs to change, we need to start focussing more on our relationships rather than just trying to live. We need to start enjoying life.

We discussed education in great depth. The Government and private companies doing everything they can to exploit students. Our children are under ridiculous pressure to achieve, from the youngest age. Staying up late to complete pointless homework. Not having time to just be kids, to go and play, to use their imagination. From the go they are thrust into a world of pressure, expectation and stress. Education needs to change.

We need to save the NHS. One of the BEST things about this country is our healthcare system. And all I hear are rumours of privatisation, strikes and nurses being mistreated. We need to save our healthcare system. We need to respect and look after our doctors and nurses. I would rather know that everyone had access to exceptional health care than put become like America where if you can’t afford healthcare you’re on your own. We cannot let that happen.

Taxes – Oh we can go on and on about taxes. Do you know in places like Denmark and Norway where the taxes are exceptionally high, society happiness levels are also ridiculously high. So you know maybe it’s not taxes that are the countries issue. Maybe if we had slightly higher taxes for a while, sorted out our public services. And put ourselves in a strong state financially maybe the taxes could go back down.

We should look at pay rates. Taxes might be higher, but if people are being paid better, are happier, are able to stop stressing so much over money and finally able to focus on actually being happy. We need to raise the standard of living. People should be able to afford to live. The National Wage needs to be looked at.

Housing. Now this is a massive one. What’s funny is that we have the space, yet house prices still keep rocketing up. I would stop trying to appease the rich people and I would start looking after British People again. Make it possible for young adults to actually afford to move out of their parents home before they’re 30. Put limitations of buy to lets, stop the property empire. Lets go back to people being able to own their own homes. Let give a family something to be proud of, their own space, their own home.

These are just a few of the areas we touched on together. But we need to start making a real change. Stop stepping around the real issues and not offering changes. Start challenging our society. Start challenging our government.

I want to live in a society that is excited to be alive not just living the rat race. Not working so much they miss the sun. I want people to own their lives again not struggling to afford a home, scared to start a family.

It’s Time For Change.


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